Heart of a Golden Woman

Cold, dark and full of secrets

And like treasures, they are well hidden

Locked for a thousand years

Thrown far, far away, maybe next to hell

Deeper than the ocean, she is

One could swim forever

The wave of her thoughts comes in every direction

Value of water, we can’t live without her

Life is created from the pit of her womb

She is like the soil on which we grow

Suddenly, time stops……

She falls in love…..

In love with a man not worthy of her glory

She gives him all her treasures

For What?


Love is what her heart longs for

Love is like blood to her veins

Love spins the world she created

Love is everything she wants

And with love, she opened him to a new world

Olawale Okunrinboye (c)

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Useful like water and fire and sharing my uniqueness with the world. That's what it is, basically

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